A Sunrise Tour of the World

Spectacular Sunrises Around the World https://vaycarious.com/2017/01/16/sunrises Sunrise Tour World Travel

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I’m a sunset junkie. But I’ve managed to capture some spectacular SUNRISES as well. Sunrise tours take more effort. I have to actually wake up early (which in SE Asia isn’t too hard, because no matter where you are, you’re never more than 20 feet from a rooster!), find the perfect spot and wait. OK, I guess that isn’t much effort at all compared to the work of the Earth rolling around on its equator or whatever it does to give us pretty sunrises.

Here are some of my favorite sunrise pictures from around the world.

Colorful Cambodia:

vaycarious.com sunrise in koh rong

vaycarious.com sunrise tour angkor wat temples Cambodia

Read about my experience volunteering on a Cambodian edible cricket farm here. 

Enigmatic Indonesia: (more daybreak than sunrise)

vaycarious.com sunrise yogyakarta

vaycarious.com sunrise ubud, bali, indonesia

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Vietnam’s Sand Dunes Show:

Sunrise TournMui, Ne, Vietnam vaycarious.com

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Dawn at a Thai Temple in Chiang Mai:

Sunrise Chiang Mai, Thailand Vaycarious.com

First Light in the City of Light: (plus a bridal bonus!)

Sunrise in Paris over the Eiffel Tower Vaycarious.com

 Read about my personal Da Vinci Code experience in Paris here.

Aussie Awesomeness:

Sunrise Australia's Gold Coast Vaycarious.com

Beach Sunrise Burleigh Heads, Australia Vaycarious.com

Shop cool items made from these gorgeous sunrise pics at Society6. 


Above the Clouds:

Sunrise from the Sky Vaycarious.com

 Vacation vicariously through me daily. Follow me on Instagram.

Home Sweet Home in Delaware, USA:

Sunrise in Blackbird State Forest, Smyrna, Delaware USA Vaycarious.com

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Spectacular Sunrises Around the World https://vaycarious.com/2017/01/16/sunrises Sunrise Tour

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41 Comments Add yours

  1. Tanja says:

    stunning photos! #wanderfulwednesday

  2. Those are absolutely stunning! I’m quite envious, but I hate getting up that early haha! I did a post a long time ago about some of the amazing sunsets I’ve seen while traveling! #WanderfulWednesdays (In case you’re interested: https://caliglobetrotter.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/best-travel-sunsets/)

    1. Thanks for the link! I am 1000% interested. 🙂 Your Glacier National Park sunset photo makes me wanna get in my car and go! If only they could make is snowy and warm at the same time…

      1. Snowy and warm sounds ideal! Especially with this cold winter Europe is having this year!

  3. Amazing photos. I think sunrises are even more beautiful than sunsets, but I rarely manage to wake up early enough to catch them. 🙂 # #wanderfulwednesday

    1. Urska, I think they’re so much more beautiful because most of us get to watch fewer of them. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. vanbrune says:

    The sunrises in Australia seem amazing – the sky doesn’t seem to have an end! Absolutely gorgeous!!

    1. Australia is so spoiled for beauty. Something about the perfect amount of clouds makes their sunrises and sunsets ALWAYS gorgeous!

  5. tracycollins2016 says:

    Love your photographs – sunrises sunsets I love both! Looks like you were in the right place at exactly the right moment for these – just lovely! #wanderfulwednesday

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Tracy! I was given some food advice on where to go. 🙂

  6. That Delaware sunset through the trees is so stunning! I’m not much of a morning person so I have experienced more sunSETS than sunRISES in my life, but you just can beat that warm glow!

    1. Thanks! I’m proud of my little state. I think it’s worth it to get up to watch a sunrise when you travel…especially if you can get some nap time in later. 🙂

  7. These are beautiful!! I am obsessed with sunsets and sunrises and I saw some lovely ones in Cambodia too! They are such a moment of natural beauty, and I love that they always look different.

  8. Sarah CC says:

    Gorgeous! And I think my favorite one is your Delaware forest photo 🙂

  9. mymeenalife says:

    These photos are gorgeous! I’m a sunrise junkie – in fact, my husband and I got married at sunrise. Great post!

    1. What a great idea! I’m sure it was beautiful. 🙂 How did your guests manage?

      1. mymeenalife says:

        They weren’t very happy, but we provided lots of coffee and donuts.

  10. Your blog is awesome! I’m just starting mines and I would like it to be great as yours.

  11. Sara says:

    WOW. These are gorgeous. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I do love the colors of the Delaware picture!! You’re so lucky to have explored so many places all over the world!!

    1. Thanks Sara! I guess there’s no place like home. 🙂

  12. Lisa says:

    Spectacular indeed. Wowza!

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens (www.lisakerner-slp.com)

  13. Stunning photos! Sadly I don’t get to enjoy enough sunrises. Always too busy getting the children off to school. Have a lovely weekend!

  14. MummyTravels says:

    Those Aussie sunrises are wonderful- I’m always really bad at getting up early unless I’m jetlagged! Worth it for these shots. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  15. Kat says:

    What an awesome idea for a post! Sunrise photos are always beautiful.

  16. Edit says:

    Amazing pictures! I really love sunrises, and I like to get up early as well. 🙂 In winter I can see the rising Sun from my window. It is very special, sometimes. Though now I’d rather sit somewhere on a shore and watch as the Sun comes up from the see. (Somewhere, where it is summer now) :)))

  17. Stunning and inspiring!!!

  18. Gorgeous shots! Keep clicking and sharing!

  19. WanderMum says:

    Wow! Beautiful photos. I love a sunset but I’ve never been great with sunrises. These were certainly worth getting up for #citytripping

  20. daisythebus says:


    I used to love getting up early and experiencing (occasionally photographing) sunrises. Four kids later, and I am desperate need of all the sleep I can get. 😉 Thanks for this beautiful collection #CityTripping

  21. Hilary says:

    Love your blog! If only I was better about getting up early! These photos are lovely!

  22. Angelica says:

    These are gorgeous!

  23. Those pictures are absolutely stunning! I love them! And I love your blog too!

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