House Sitting For The Holidays

House sitting for the holidays

If you want to start house sitting, now’s the perfect time. House sitters are in HIGH DEMAND for the holidays.

I’m house sitting in Mexico through December because I #boycottwinter 😆, but TrustedHousesitters (the service I house sit through) has house sits on the lakes in Canada and in the mountains in Switzerland, if that’s your thing. 🏔

Listings for house sits in British Columbia
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Scroll through ALL of the available house sits HERE: Trusted Housesitters *This is my affiliate link.

What does a house sitter do?

The house sits with Trusted Housesitters are unpaid; you just get free accommodation and (sometimes) a stocked refrigerator.

Most house sits that are shorter than 2 months are pet sits. They can range anywhere from 1 night to 6+ months though. The average is 1 week or 2.

I’ve been house sitting for 3 or 4 years now, and it’s a fantastic way to see the world on a budget! Here are some pics of me house sitting in Amsterdam during tulip season.

woman sitting on a sofa while house sitting

How do I become a house sitter?

To get started, join Trusted Housesitters and pay the annual membership fee. With just 1 house sit, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Join TrustedHousesitters

Once you join, fill out your profile completely. Strangers will be trusting you to stay in their home and take care of their pet, so you have to be up-front and open. And let your personality shine through.

When you find a house sit you want to apply for, apply early and make your pitch email thorough. “Please take a look at my profile” isn’t going to work.

I’ve got something to make this even easier for you. You can use the exact letter template I use to apply for house sits on Trusted Housesitters. Just click here to download the letter.

The client will usually set up a video chat to meet you before they book you. This gives you a chance to get acquainted with them and maybe their pet.

If you read this far, you might as well stop by the comments and ask me any questions you have.

I can walk you through the steps of getting your first house sit.

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