How Do You Make Money While Traveling?

Picture of Chelle Nelson in Aspen, Colorado with the text "How do I make money while traveling? Seasonal hospitality work."

I’m so excited to put out this series of YouTube videos for women who want make money while traveling.

Quitting your job to travel is cool and all, but how do you eat?

I’m doing a series of YouTube videos where other Black women share exactly what jobs they do to make money while they travel.

Seasonal Hospitality Work

Chelle Nelson winters in Aspen and summers on Martha’s Vineyard by working the front desk at resorts. On top of her hourly pay, she gets free or subsidized room and board plus FULL ACCESS to the resort amenities the entire season. Her Instagram even makes ME consider getting a job on a ski resort. But I’m still committed to #boycottwinter.

In Aspen, Chelle gets free ski rentals and resort passes. Plus friends and family can stay at a discounted rate.

Watch our interview for more information about how to find seasonal hospitality jobs:

Teaching English Abroad – TEFL

Tonya Chen really felt a need to leave the US and live in another country. She found out about teaching English abroad and there was no turning back.

Tonya taught in Korea for 3 years. Her students ranged from kindergarteners to adults, and she had the chance to experience big city life and small town living.

Watch our conversation to learn more about what it’s like for Black English teachers abroad.

Tonya credits teaching abroad with making her into the woman she is today. She a TEFL Relocation Coach who helps people realize their dream of moving overseas.

January 2020, Tonya’s hosting a Teach Abroad Weekend Workshop to help you move through the TEFL process smoothly and efficiently. Click here to sign up to be notified about the workshop.

Performing Music Abroad

You don’t need a tour manager and a record label to get paid to perform your music overseas.

Rapper / musician / music producer Trevis T. from Atlanta Georgia performed out of the country for the first time in 2012 in Seville, Spain. Since then, he’s performed a lot around Europe and in Tokyo, Japan.

And he’s shared with us the steps to arranging your own diy international tour.

Trevis T’s Tips For Setting Up An International Tour

  • Put your art out there for people to buy.
  • Pick your cities based on your sales data.
  • Pitch yourself to venues, promoters and DJs.
  • Parlay one booking into a few.
  • Push your merch and physical copies of your music.

Watch Trevis T’s video to learn from a pro how to make money from your music. And make sure you also follow him on Instagram so you’ll be the first to know his next tour dates.

More interviews to come!

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How do you take the first steps?

There are SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS people manage to travel long term. I used to think you needed a trust fund, but now I know all you need is a plan.

I have a blog post that helps you work out HOW TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE for you!

Click the button below to learn the FIRST STEPS TO PLANNING A CAREER BREAK.

Do you dream of quitting your job to travel for a year? Take these steps first.
First Steps To Taking A Career Break
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