10 Inspiring Books That Will Make You Quit Your Job

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Books For Black Women Dealing With Burnout

Black women are taking more career breaks, and that’s because Black women are recognizing that exhaustion, anxiety and high blood pressure shouldn’t be the norm.

I advocate for career breaks as a way for Black women to prevent or recover from burnout. And so do these books, in their own way.

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Memoirs By Black Women

Becoming by Michelle Obama

In her memoir, Michelle Obama talks about discovering that she’d built a life she didn’t actually want.

She was a Princeton and Harvard-educated attorney at a prestigious law firm, but she didn’t actually like being a lawyer.

So she tried something different.

Michelle went to work for the Chicago Mayor’s office. That’s where she met Valerie Jarrett who was instrumental in Barack Obama running for President.

We know the rest of the story.

Becoming is a great book to listen to on audiobook. She narrates the book herself, so it’s like having a conversation with your girlfriend.

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Well-Read Black Girl Anthology

Well-Read Black Girl is an anthology of narrative essays written by Black women in response to the question “When did you first see yourself in literature?”

After you read Well Read Black Girl, you’ll want to dig deeper into the other books theses phenomenal women write about. And that’s going to take some free time.

Click Here To Read Well-Read Black Girl By Gloria Edim

Personal Development Journals

Activate Your Vision by Lucinda Cross

book cover of Activate Your Vision by Lucinda Cross

If I’m the first person to introduce you to Lucinda Cross, I’m so excited!

Lucinda Cross is the founder of the Activate Your Life life coaching brand, and she specializes in hosting vision board parties where women get clear on what they want to manifest in their lives.

I’ve made BIG life changes with the help of a vision board. In 15 months I went from dreaming about quitting my job to travel the world to actually doing it with the help of a vision board and a dry erase board to track my progress.

And Lucinda Cross’ transformation was even more radical. Read all about how she went from prison to powerhouse speaker. Activate You Vision will help you create your best version of yourself.

Click Here To Read Activate Your Vision.

Be, Awake, Create by Rebekah Younger

book cover for Be, Awake, Create by Rebekah Younge

Be, Awake, Create is a beautiful book full of mindfulness practices designed to spark your creativity.

I’m on a mission to #normalizefreetime because whatever it is you were meant to create doesn’t happen when you’re overwhelmed with being busy.

If you have any desire to create, build in some time for it. This might start out as 15 minutes per day and lead you to taking a year off.

Click Here To Read Be, Awake, Create.


Creativity Boosters

Creative Quest by Questlove

This is another book that’s GREAT as an audiobook!

If you know Questlove from the legendary Roots crew, then you won’t be surprised to hear that he wrote a book on creativity.

But this is more than just a philosophical look at making art. The audiobook has new music from Questlove with special quests including Tariq Trotter (aka Black Thought)!

Click Here To Read Creative Quest by Questlove.

Choose Wonder Over Worry by Amber Rae

It feels like I waited for this book to be released FOREVER!

Amber Rae is one of my favorite Instagrammers to follow. She posts helpful checklists and journal prompts that blend self-care practices and visual art.

If you’re dealing with worry and anxiety, Choose Wonder Over Worry will help you tap into a place of inner wisdom and peace of mind.

Click Here To Read Choose Wonder Over Worry.

Travel Photography Books

Due North By Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is my favorite travel photographer!

She’s a Black woman who lives in Stockholm, Sweden and takes the most beautiful, award-winning pictures of people and places all around the world.

Due North is the kind of book you love to hold in your hands, but her images are so beautiful, that even if you read the Kindle version on your phone, you’ll be mesmerized. And then totally inspired to go see these places for yourself.

If you have a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can read the Kindle version of Due North for free. If you don’t, get your free 1 month trial of Kindle Unlimited here!

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One Year Off by Stephanie Perry [ME!!]

Surprise!! I turned my year of travel into a photography book!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Waiting for retirement to travel is a SCAM!

You know I want to to make your dream of traveling full time while you’re young and able a reality. I put together some of my favorite pictures from my sabbatical to show you why.

This is inspiration! The book will be available January 2020!

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Practical Guides

A Guide to Landing an English Teaching Job Abroad by Nicole Brewer

I met Nicole in Bangkok, Thailand during my own travel sabbatical. She’s a Black woman from Detroit teaching English in Muscat, Oman.

She’s also taught in Korea, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

A Guide To Landing An English Teaching Job Abroad will take you from start to finish in the TEFL process.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited for free, so get you FREE TRIAL of Kindle Unlimited here!

Click Here To Read A Guide To Landing An English Teaching Job Abroad.

Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure by Danielle Desir

Diary Of A traveling Black Woman has created a series of travel guides for — you guessed it — Black women travelers.

I’ve had a roadtrip around Iceland on my bucket list for a while, but Danielle’s book pushed it up a few slots on my list!

If you want to see Icelands amazing waterfalls and black sand beaches for yourself, get this guide and get to planning!

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There you have it! 10 Inspirational Books That Will Make You Quit Your Job!

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And several of these books are available for free with a kindle unlimited membership. Start your free trial here.


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10 inspiring books for black women experiencing burnout. These 10 books will make you quit your job.

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