4 Surprising Reasons Moving Abroad Is Simpler Than You Think

A lot of people dream of moving abroad, but they don’t realize how possible it really is.

I recently hosted an online summit on moving abroad or taking an extended sabbatical to travel, and I found out that the women who attended the summit TOTALLY OVERESTIMATED what it would take for them to move abroad and live their expat dreams.

Here are 4 Reasons Moving Abroad is Simpler Than You Think. For my video-loving friends, press play. Readers, keep reading. 😉

1. Low Cost of Living Around the World

Some of those tropical destinations you wish you could afford to live in are probably a lot more affordable than you know.

A family of 4 can live comfortably in Bali for $1,800 per month. Yes, THAT Bali.

Don’t try to price a country’s cost of living based on what it costs to vacation there.

In SE Asia, Latin America, and parts of Europe and Africa you can live on just what you spend in housing in the United States. Career Break Coach Roshida Dowe teaches her clients this, and I 100% agree.

There are some awesome online resources you can use to check out what different cities cost. My faves are The Earth Awaits and Numbeo. But — I’m warning you — these sites are addictive!

But even if you can lower your household expenses by moving abroad, you still need a way to support yourself. That’s where reason #2 comes in…

2. Remote Work Opportunities

Remote work is a reality for a lot of us now. You don’t have to FIND a job in another country before you can MOVE to another country.

Remote work is a better choice than taking the time to find a job abroad.

Plus you’ll still get paid in US dollars while you pay your rent in pesos or colónes etc. When you work remotely you can fully benefit from the low cost of living in your new country.

Your current job might be the perfect remote job to support your expat life. But if it’s not, Remote.co and Skip The Drive are fantastic online platforms where employers look specifically for remote employees.

I put together a list of tools and resources to help you FIND and BENEFIT FROM remote work. Click here to download your Work From Anywhere Toolkit.

3. Helpful Online Communities

Between my YouTube channel and hosting an online summit, I’ve talked to A LOT of expats. And all of them — EVERY SINGLE ONE — credits online communities with helping them make their move.

There are groups of expats in the exact country you want to move to freely giving and sharing information about the process and making it easier for newbies.

Find them, communicate with them and share with them. They’re definitely the difference maker.

Most of these groups are on Facebook. Just do a Facebook search for “Expats + [City / Country you want to live in]” and you’ll likely find a half a dozen groups. Join them and see which ones are the most helpful.

They can help you narrow down the right city, choose the right neighborhood and maybe even the perfect home or apartment.

4. New Residency Visa Options

So once you find the right place, you want to be legal. Tourist visa runs are an option, but definitely not ideal. And finding an employer to sponsor your work visa is frustrating and time-wasting.

There’s good news!

Some countries have multiple residency visa options for people who want to stick around.

There are residency visas for RETIREES — usually not related to your age but to your income. There are residency visas for REMOTE WORKERS and DIGITAL NOMADS.

The residency visa process can be a little confusing, so you’ll want to get connected with someone who can help walk you through it.

I know just where you can find them.

  • If you don’t know which sources of information you can trust
  • If you have no idea which type of residency visa is right for you
  • If you have no one to consult with questions

Register for Exodus Expat Workshops and:

  • You’ll get information from trusted resources
  • You’ll know which type of residency visa fits you
  • You’ll have reliable contacts to follow up with

The first Exodus Expat Workshops focus on getting residency in Mexico, Portugal, France, Costa Rica and the Cayman Islands.

But check back to see if the country you want to move to has been added.

Click here to register for a workshop and learn how to get a residency visa abroad so you can work from and live wherever you want.


The 4 Expat Life Game Changers:

The low cost of living makes it easy to live better with less money in some parts of the world.

If you can work remotely, you don’t have to struggle with trying to find a job abroad. Click here to download your Work From Anywhere Toolkit.

Online communities are super helpful in giving you the inside scoop on your new country / city.

There are residency visa options for you. The work visa isn’t your only choice. In fact, it’s probably the worst choice. Click here to register for a workshop and learn how to get a residency visa abroad so you can work from and live wherever you want.

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