These Black Women Expats Are Thriving Abroad — And You Can Too!

How can you afford to move abroad? Where should you “Blaxit” to? And is becoming an expat the right decision for you? I get to talk to some AMAZING women on my YouTube channel who share exactly what their life is like in a new country and how they were able to make that choice for themselves.

Queen Michele from Detroit Found a Community in Lake Chapala Mexico

Queen was a school teacher who now lives in Mexico on less than $1200 dollars per month. She’s part of a community of African American women who have moved to Lake Chapala, Mexico to improve their health and wellness while living on a lot less money than they needed in the United States.

This video set my YouTube channel ON FIRE! You can feel Queen’s love for her new home and gratitude for the new circle that surrounds her now in Mexico.

If you don’t want to pick up and go after you watch a few minutes of this interview, I don’t know what to tell you.

Monique From LA Raising a Family in the Netherlands

Monique is a divorced mother or 2 who has lived in the Netherlands for over 20 years. Her daughters are in college and high school, but she has no plans to return to the United States. She’s found her home in Europe.

Monique also has run 50 marathons and half marathons IN 50 COUNTRIES!

Adalia from Houston Left China to Live In Mexico City

Adalia has taught English abroad in Honduras, Kuwait and China. She’s an advocate for Black women ready to take their happiness into their own hands.

She talks about her experiences in China and why she chose to get permanent residency in Mexico.

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Halona the Writer is Thriving in Vietnam

Halona tells us exactly what she loves about life in SE Asia and how it has literally healed her. And how she makes her living online to support her expat life abroad.

**Update: Halona recently moved to Kigali, Rwanda. We’ll catch back up with her soon!

Breana McCoy’s Full Scholarship for Grad School in Europe

Breana McCoy got a fully funded Erasmus Mundus scholarship to study in Wales, Belgium, Greece and Germany for graduate school.

Did you know that American students can attend university and grad school in France, Germany and the Netherlands for less than $4,000 dollars per year? Breana’s on her way to a PhD program in Prague that’s fully funded as well.

Are you considering moving abroad?

I know that these women’s stories have made you think that maybe this is possible for you too.

It IS!

Any time you want to make a big change, you need 3 THINGS to get it done:

  1. You need commitment to it
  2. You need information on how to get it done
  3. You need a community of people on a similar path to walk along side you

You’ve got #1 covered. I know where you can get #2 and #3.

You are welcome to join the ExodUS Summit Facebook group. We’re a community of 1,100+ Black women travelers who are working towards a plan to move abroad or to take a long sabbatical abroad.

I host this group with Career Break Coach Roshida Dowe, and we help you get from a DREAM to a PLAN. Even if right now you think it’s not possible.

Click here to join our group and get started on your new life.

The ExodUS Summit Facebook group is for Black womxn only.

If you’re not able to be part of this group, you’re welcome to come to our Getting Residency Abroad workshops which are online and open to all.

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