10 Inspiring Books That Will Make You Quit Your Job

Books For Black Women Dealing With Burnout Black women are taking more career breaks, and that’s because Black women are recognizing that exhaustion, anxiety and high blood pressure shouldn’t be the norm. I advocate for career breaks as a way for Black women to prevent or recover from burnout. And so do these books, in…

How Do You Make Money While Traveling?

I’m so excited to put out this series of YouTube videos for women who want make money while traveling. Quitting your job to travel is cool and all, but how do you eat? I’m doing a series of YouTube videos where other Black women share exactly what jobs they do to make money while they…

Avoid These Travel Scams On Your Gap Year

How to Avoid Travel Scams Travel scams are pretty common. Tourists get ripped off all the time. Travel long enough and you’ll find yourself the intended victim of at least one of these travel scams that I fell for strictly for the purposes of research to help you out, Dear Travel Buddy, because, I mean,…

How To Take A Sabbatical From Work For The Winter

Welcome to team #boycottwinter Let’s talk winter travel. And I don’t mean skiing in Aspen or heading to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Absolutely not! I mean, let’s talk about traveling away from winter. And for a long time. I write a lot about taking a gap year or a full 12 month career…

House Sitting For The Holidays

If you want to start house sitting, now’s the perfect time. House sitters are in HIGH DEMAND for the holidays. I’m house sitting in Mexico through December because I #boycottwinter 😆, but TrustedHousesitters (the service I house sit through) has house sits on the lakes in Canada and in the mountains in Switzerland, if that’s your thing. 🏔…

You Can Take A Gap Year With Your Family!

I know what you’re saying… I like this whole “quit your job and travel for a year” thing, but I have children. Well, you’re in the right place! I think that taking a career break is a fantastic way to recover from burn out or flat out block it in the first place. And you’re…

Taking A Career Break: The First Steps

Do you dream of quitting your job to travel for a year, but you don’t know where to start? These 3 steps will help you write out your goals, and turn your dream into a plan.

Turn Your Tinder Date into a Tour Guide

My first Tinder date ever was in Hoi An, Vietnam with a dude from Berlin. This guy’s plan was BRILLIANT! And I promptly stole his idea. I call it the Tinder Tour.

Now, when I get somewhere new I log on and I get myself a free tour guid. Really. I recommend it.

Wanderlust in Bloom

It’s February and I’m in Delaware. Everything is gray. So I started looking through my pictures of the Good Old Days when I chased summer around the globe and beautiful colors were everywhere. My flower pics cheered me up. I hope they can give you a little boost too!

Goal Setting to Help You Travel More

Okay. The new year is in full swing. You’ve set your intentions on self care. Maybe you’ve given yourself the specific goal of incorporating travel into your year’s plans. Now let’s get serious about making your 2017 more travelicious.

Making Friends Around the World

One of my gap year goals was to be invited by strangers to a family event. Holiday. Wedding. Pet birthday party. Didn’t matter. Look back with me at my 2016 fail that I really want to turn into a 2017 win.