Sabbatical Money


This challenge was transformative!

Donna J.

Sis, being a hard worker isn’t your life’s purpose.

What is?

You’ll figure it out, but not while you’re stressed out and exhausted.

You need a sabbatical.

How do you afford a career break?

A year of travel is probably more accessible than you think.

It’s no secret that I paid for my first year of travel with money I saved from my hospital pharmacy technician job. But once that money was gone, I had to find ways to travel on a smaller budget and make money while I travel.

Black woman walking through a field of flowers in Lisse, Netherlands

This is me in the Netherlands where I house sat in exchange for a free place to stay.

I’m sharing that money-saving information with you because I absolutely think taking time off of work is the best gift you can give yourself.

And the value far outweighs putting off your own goals of traveling and designing your own path until you reach the traditional retirement age.

Waiting for retirement to start living your life is a scam.

Some people call this a gap year or a mini-retirement or a sabbatical. Whatever you call it, I’m HERE FOR IT. And I want to help make it happen for you.

If you want to see the world, do it now while your knees — and the US dollar — are still strong.

I don’t think you should have to choose between having time to yourself to work on personal goals and eating.

Sabbatical Money is a 5 Day Challenge to help you find resources to pay for your sabbatical. For 5 days, I’ll send you an email with new information on ways to take a career break on a budget.

We’re making the sabbatical accessible!

Every day for 5 days I’ll show you a new way to:

β€’ Spend less money while you travel

β€’ Make more money while you travel

so that you can have a proper career break, and not just survive from one 2-week vacation to the next.

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The next Challenge begins August 2020!

Author card for Stephanie Perry.  I quit my job as a hospital pharmacy technician in Delaware to travel for a year on my savings. Now I show other women how to take a sabbatical on a budget while I house sit around the world and practice the art of the sunset silhouette selfie.