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Black travel blogger at Taal Crater Lake, Philippines

Do you dream of quitting your job to travel the world?

You read blog posts about people who sell everything they own to live in a cabin on the beach  and you think “But that’s not possible for me.”

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible. I know because I already did it.

Hey Travel Buddy! I’m Stephanie Perry, and I can’t stay in one place.

I’m chasing eternal summer and the perfect selfie. Over the past year I’ve been to 13 countries, spent around $40 a day, and have taken a bajillion pictures of the whole experience. The awesome Black Travel Movement has inspired me to share my experiences as a solo female budget traveler and aspiring digital nomad. Welcome to my blog!

 Learn how to make YOUR travel goals a reality.


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Sunset at Mindoro Beach, the Philippines

I consider myself an ambassador.

Tweet: I advocate the gap year for adults and carpeing the diem from a hammock by the beach.I advocate the gap year for adults and carpeing the diem from a hammock by the beach. << Tweet this.


I quit my job to travel for a year to places where I couldn’t speak the language and didn’t recognize the food. It was AMAZING!

My little buddy Swoop and I have bathed with elephants in Thailand, volunteered on a cricket farm in Cambodia and played Chewbaca to a couple of tiny Stormtroopers in Australia.

It’s all documented here so you can get inspired, and then GET GOING! If you have any questions for me, just ask.

 Read about why I think YOU should take a gap year.


black travel blogger in ubud, bali

And I’m still going.

My 2017 travel plans include South Africa, Chile, Poland and Iceland! Follow along on Instagram for some awesome pictures.


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Bon voyage to us!

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