I'm Stephanie Perry, and I make sabbaticals accessible to Black women.

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What I Do:

My whole life changed when I took a sabbatical to travel for a year. That’s not an exaggeration. I went from being a sad night-shift worker counting down the years until retirement so I could really LIVE to traveling the world, starting a business and really feeling free.

I want this for you too. I created these services to help you live your travel DREAMS.

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Take this short video course and book your very first house sit without worrying if your membership fee is going to be wasted. No experience needed.

Book a coaching call with Stephanie Perry vaycarious.com


Develop your sabbatical plan or learn how to work house sitting into your travel life in 30 minutes with me. Click the image to schedule your call.


These Residency Visa and Teaching English Abroad workshops help wanna be expats kick America to the curb. Permanently. Click the image to sign up.


The ExodUS Summit Facebook group supports Black women travelers who are ready to get their sabbatical or their move abroad plan in place. Join us and meet other Black women on a similar journey.


Starting an online business that leads you to a location independent lifestyle? Your ideal customers are already on YouTube. Download 5 Reasons Your YouTube Channel Isn't Growing to fix your channel or start it off strong.

For Speaking & Interviews

I absolutely LOVE talking about sabbaticals and house sitting. Contact me to speak to your group or audience about how to take a career break on a budget or house sitting for free travel accommodation.

I’m available for:

  • conferences
  • online workshops
  • podcast interviews
  • etc.

Contct me here: stephanie@vaycarious.com

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Vaycarious Media Kit
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Stephanie Perry's YouTube Channel

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