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Vaycarious is my travel blog focusing on solo budget travel from short holidays to longterm nomadic living.  I’m Stephanie Perry, champion of the grown up gap year. 

I started Vaycarious after quitting my job as a hospital pharmacy technician in Wilmington, Delaware to take a one year once-in-a-lifetime trip through SE Asia, Australia and Europe. That was September 2015, and I’m still going.

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Should you take a grown up gap year?

In short, yes. But I know it’s not that easy. If the idea of traveling abroad for an extended  period of time both thrills and terrifies you, you’re probably even closer than you think to making this dream a reality.

What I can do for you

You want to take a grown up gap year of your own but GAAAA where do you start? I’ve been there. Lets break this into actionable steps together. Schedule a consultation call with me to discuss

  • where you should take your gap year
  • what you should do
  • and how to pay for it all.


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